101 W Fayette St
Baltimore, MD 21201

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I have stayed in Sheraton City Center Baltimore for 3 nights. The first night
I have noticed 2 bed bugs on a pillow coming out of the mattress/bed edge. Reported
the issue to the front desk manager and brought the bed bugs alive. I was given
the 2nd room where I was woken up around 3 a.m. to notice another bed bug next to me. Reported the issue again to the manager and was given the 3rd room. I was not able to sleep all night.
The next morning I checked out completely. All 3 rooms had stains

of dried up blood on
pillows, sheets, mattress, duvet, etc. This was definitely a sign of cleaning and bed bugs
problems. I had to change 3 rooms in less than 12 hours and rooms were located in 2 different tours of the hotel.

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I stayed one night in this hotel during the last week of May, and bed-bug bites began to show up all over my body a few days after I returned home. This hotel room was the only place I slept in away from home in the past 30 days. The itchness from bug bites finally subsided after about 10 days but the bite marks remained. My husband didn't have any problems at all while staying at home during this period of time.

Within 48 hours following my stay at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center on May 12th, 2009, I noticed approximately a dozen bug bites on my arms. A diagnosis by my dermatologist a day later was determined to be bed bug bites related to my one night stay at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center. I am posting this to let others know what happened to me. I was not surprised to find others who also posted "bedbug" incidents at the same hotel.

I am going to make this very short and sweet.My boyfriend and I spent the night at the Sheraton City Center Baltimore March 13, 2009. When we woke up on Saturday morning there were not only bugs of all sizes crawling EVERYWHERE...there were blood stains on the sheets and my boyfriend's clothes from biting us all night. We were moved to a different room (not realzing that their eggs spead like lice.)The bites did not appear right away, but by Monday morning welts started to appear. When it was al

l said and done, my boyfriend had approximately 500 bites on him and had a dangerous reaction to the point of infection. I was lucky, I only had roughly 100. I just wanted to spread the work.

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