5343 Randolph Rd
Rockville, MD 20852-2164

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I lived in Apt #6 at this address for 13 years. In May of 2009 I discovered I had a terrible infestation of bedbugs. Because I wasn't familiar with the signs of an infestation, the situation got pretty bad before I finally figured out what was going on. My whole apartment became infested, which in thinking back is probably because I moved a bookshelf of books from my bedroom (from near my bed) to my living room. I suspect that there were already bugs in the books and that is how they appeared in

my living room. When I discovered the infestation and reported the problem to the management of the complex, they had an exterminator come in and spray once, which made the bedbugs more active it seemed. I had assumed that they'd spray more aggressively, but they didn't. They did agree to let me move out of the apartment with a 30-day notice instead of the 60-day notice as was stipulated in my lease. A couple of the bugs must have come with me to my new place even though all of my clothes were in plastic bags within plastic storage crates and I was sleeping on an air mattress. After doing tons of reading online I became quite familiar with the signs of infestation and was able to see that a few must have come with me to my new place, so I spent a fortune on pesticides online and was able to finally be rid of them, with much persistence on my part. I must admit that I have no idea how the apartment became infested other than the fact that people moved in and out a lot in the complex. And a particular neighbor had lots of, um, activity and traffic in and out of his apartment. I wasn't traveling much at the time, so who knows? Evil little creatures. I wish this experience on no one! If you do discover you have bedbugs, do as much balanced research as you can and be persistent. When I travel now, just about everything stays in plastic bags, suitcase included.

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