13000 Crookston Ln
Rockville, MD 20851-2006

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We had been living in T3 for about 9 months when I started getting bites on my arms. I didn't know what they were until we were informed by the apartment management that the whole building (and several others in the complex) was being inspected for bed bugs. It turned out we had an infestation (as did many, many other apartments), so we followed all the instructions for treatment, did $200 worth of laundry, and they treated the apartment. We tried to settle back in, but I continued to notice bit

es, and see live bugs in the apartment. We asked that they treat again, as we were still finding live bugs, and this time we didn't come back. We lived with friends while we slowly treated things ourselves and packed. I was bitten while sitting on the sofa after the second treatment, which meant the bugs still weren't completely gone, or they were continuing to come from neighboring apartments. The apartment management staff kept telling us that the apartments didn't have bed bugs, that tenants brought them in, but either way, they crawled under/through the walls and spaces between apartments and took up residence in our stuff. Ultimately we just let our lease expire, and used the moving van as an ad hoc treatment unit, spraying all our things and setting off bed bug bombs from Home Depot. We are now bed bug free, but I wouldn't hazard to say the same about the apartment buildings at Halpine View. The whole experience was terrifying, degrading, embarrassing, and I was made to feel stupid by the apartment staff, who consistently refused to take responsibility.

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