7301 Waverly St
Bethesda, MD 20814-3330

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Hilton Garden Inn, Bethesda, MD, 7301 Waverly Street.

Checked in late on June 12, 2012 - room 405. During the next day I felt some itches and bumps; not too major and it did not occur to me this might be bedbug bites until late in the day.

Evening June 13, I asked the on duty supervisor if my bites looked like bedbug bites to him and if there were any reports - denial is the best description of his response; he said he would have the room checked out while I was at dinner. When I got ba

ck I was told "no bedbugs"- if those bites were bedbugs, it was likely from how I traveled to the region - and stupidly; really really stupidly; I slept in that room again.

June 14 - some 200 bites on my face, arms, legs, feet - swelling and itching at different paces, I insisted on another room. I was given room 917 for my third night - left my clothes and luggage in the old room and no new bites.

The hotel did not react properly and I bet rented out room 405 the following nights. I have contacted the general manager, Tamara, and there has been NO reply.

This hotel name does not come up on your search - other than by address - it is The Hilton Garden Inn, Bethesda.

see full report...

Got a couple of bites when i stayed there on 08/06/2011.

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