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In October 2010 we got bed bugs! At first we had no idea we had them. It took a couple of months to figure out what the problem was. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to lotion (little did I know that I was reacting to bed bug bites). After the holidays we began to suspect beg bugs. We searched our bed and under the box spring...we found tons of bugs!!!! We don't know the source (whether they spread from another unit or whether we got them from a hotel). Our landlord responded pr

omptly. We went through 3 rounds of fumigations. The extermination company used a fogging method, and basically blasted our apartment with organic cedar oil. After the first treatment, the bed bugs were gone. We saw maybe one or two dead bed bugs after the first treatment. We had to go through the final two treatments as a precaution. It is 8 months later and we are still bed bug free. Unfortunately I noticed that someone in our building recently trashed their mattress in the trash room. My fiance saw it and noticed that it looked like it had bed bug stains on it! We suspect another unit has bed bugs!!!! It is such a frustrating situation. I am constantly worried about getting them again!

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