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How about the girl below us bagging her clothes and the first floor tenants when moving out I saw "bed bug spray killer" which obviously doesn't work (as any professional pest control company would say). Just because someone didn't call management doesn't mean it wasn't there. I'm just saying in response, as the OP, that living there is different than answering a phone about a problem and while they were on top of helping me and taking care of the problem... the rest of the tenants on other floo

rs had not taken the initiative and it wasn't reciprocated on the investigative end either.

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I'm responding to the post from September, 2010. This location is a condominium building with a mix of tenants and owner-occupants. As with all properties that we manage, when we were notified of the insect problem a professional exterminator was dispatched. The exterminator initiated the standard treatment for bed bug eradication, which often involves multiple repeat treatments for full effect. To our, and the exterminator's knowledge, the problem was resolved.

The association followed the a

dvice of the pest control professional. They do not treat the hallways because that is not where beg bugs live, nor were any signs of bed bugs found in the hallways. Bed bugs live near where people sleep. Neighboring units were also inspected but the exterminator did not find evidence of bed bugs in those locations either. There is no evidence or reports or any other reason to support the claim that “the whole building was infested with them and [they] crawled all the way up to the top floor.”

As the management company we take all reports of insects of any kind seriously and respond accordingly.

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Bugs not found until early July '10.... called PCO and they did 4 different treatments (three within a week period and one about a month later). Apparently the whole building was infested with them and crawled all the way up to the top floor where my roommate and I were. They were only in my room and thank god the problem was caught early, so as far as I know my specific apartment doesn't have them anymore... but I'm sure they'll be around soon since we were the only ones to call the pest contro

l company.

management never put up notices, never sprayed the hallways, never did anything.

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