29 Queensberry St
Boston, MA 02215-5004

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April 2011 was informed of "routine" bed bug inspection due to other tenants being infested in the building. My apartment has never had a problem (been living here since September 2010). Approximately 2 weeks after routine inspection, discovered 2 bed bugs in my room and discovered "mysterious" bites on legs. Informed management company and they said there is another extermination attempt in May 2011 and that they will pay special attention to my aparment. Approximately 3 days after second exter

mination, roommate discovered 3 bed bugs in his room. He has had no previous problems. I have been sleeping with long pants, socks, and long-sleeve shirts to prevent more bites. Have experienced bites on hands and wrists since. Starting to get paranoid and tired of this. Either this entire complex is a breeding ground for bed bugs, or the exterminators are infesting everyone's apartments due to incompetence.

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Was first alerted of bed bugs in February 2010, but was told it was a precautionary inspection and not an all-out treatment. As of June 2010, monthly treatments are still being performed and problem has not been solved. New tenants have been moving in unknowing of the bed bug problem, and tenants are moving out as a result of being fed up with the landlord's inability to solve this problem. Units infested throughout all floors in the building.

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