1167 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02215-3501

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I have been living on 5th floor of 1167 Boylston Street for 2 years, never had a problem until this January, 2011. Was getting random, very swollen red welts on my arms and feet, but no where else. Inspected my mattress and boxspring a million times, both perfectly bug free and relatively new (about 6 year old mattress, only owner, never in any homes with bug problems). After going to my primary care physician, dermatologist AND an allergist, no one knew what the crazy welts were coming from. I

have never seen a life or dead bug in the apartment.... until now. Sure enough, I threw the lights on when I felt something crawling on my neck- it was without a doubt a bed bug, and it had friends scattering away. I have over 3 dozen marks on my arms and neck- the management doesn't seem to care very much about this. The building is awful for a million other reasons, but now with the bed bugs- I strongly discourage anyone from living here.

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