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I got several bedbug bites on Thursday of 9/10/2009. I woke up on Friday after several disturbed sleep due to itchiness.
I literally looked up every articles/ forums/ government sites/ wiki/ yahoo answers to find out more about it.
I left work early today (Friday) and went back to my apartment brought out all the things that can be washed and spent 200 dollars worth of clothes/ garment/ beddings to wash and hot dry them. (6 hrs)
While I was doing laundry, I fumed the apartment with bedbug bom

bs from Home Depot.
Later I found out that it's not helping, and only way to get rid of them is to hire a professional who is certified.
I told my landlord about that, and they arranged the schedule on Monday with their contracted (not officially since they never bedbug treated before according to them).
I couldn't wait until Monday because I need a place to stay for 3 nights.
I told them my issue and suggested to call another company I found who can come by next day morning.
The landlord was really upset and yelling at me that it's not their problem and its mine since the apartment was fine for last 7 months i resided.

But according to the Mass state law, its the landlord obligation to treat not only my apartment but also all the horizontal, vertical and adjacent units.
I told him so, and I also told him if the property management company do not willing to do so, I will have to take an legal action.

Waiting 3 nights will not only cause me a problem but it will spread out very quickly to other units in the building.
I dont think he knows what's going on with this huge epidemic.

They told me they can get me the guy to come over tomorrow but its gonna be 100 dollars more expensive. I told them since I have to pay them up front anyhow regardless of the later reimbursement issue, I will have to go ahead and proceed with my decision.
They were not cooperative with me at all, and whenever I asked them for a help to take my mattress down or taking my AC down since there are craccks, he always told me he is busy, and he will help me later.
But later is too late.
I hope he realizes his stupidity and all.
The landlord manager is not letting any tenants to talk to him directly nor wanting to give his contact info. I got his name anyhow, but no further info to contact him.
Horrible apartment management!

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