17 Dexter St
Medford, MA 02155-6513

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We have lived at this address for 4 months. 2 months ago my wife and 7 mo old baby started getting the trademark itchy-trail-of-bites that indicate bed bugs. We checked out our mattress and our baby's co-sleeper. Both had bed bugs. We saw and killed about 8. Haven't seen many since.

We have spent several hundred bucks on an anti-bed bug kit (spray & dust), mattress covers, a steamer, laundry, etc and feel like we have made some progress. We have gone a few nights without being bitten. Though,

just this morning our little one had several bites on her legs...

We called the landlord last week. Today, Monday, he called the exterminator, who will come this Friday. I tried to convince the landlord to have the downstairs apt inspected as well. He said that due to cost he can only send the exterminator when the residents of the apt indicate bed bugs. My wife and I spoke with the downstairs tenants. They indicated that they too had been getting bites. I recommended they call the landlord. I hope they do.

We have read that this is a long battle. Hopefully we are closer to the other side of it.


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