10 Yeamans St
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Numerous apartments. But mine was number 10. Moved in and about a week later noticed bites on me and my children. Found a couple of the little critters and looked them up online.. Sure enough bedbugs... I asked around to a few of the other tenants and 2 reported they had them too. Noticed bites on a few others as well. Told the landlord and he didn't care at all.. Called the board of health. they did nothing (but were sure on a first name basis with the slumlord) took my kids to the doctor and b

rought a few samples that I had killed and frozen in a ziploc bag (had nothing better to do while I was up all night terrifed) The doctor gave me a note stating that my childs bites were from bedbugs and that the samples I brought were in fact bedbugs.. The landlord still wouldn't do anything. In fact he started threatening me with DSS (since I refused to pay him another dime of rent) Thankfully I made a successful move and it was about a year ago and the things didn't come with me.. The psychological damage is still there though.. Dates were Aug 09 to Oct 09

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