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oh i can give you a ton of details. i wrote an article about the entire horrifying situation.


all i can say is that these things are nearly impossible to get rid of and no joke ive decided i now have PTBBD post traumatic bed bug disorder from the whole affair. it took me over a year to get rid of them and i only did so by moving and throwing all of my blankets and two different beds plus a futon out in teh

garbage. i had nightmares for a year after they officially went away where id wake up and think i saw one running around my bed. this is by far one of the most traumatic things that cuold happen to a person and that sounds like an exxageration but please take my word for it. if you think you have BBs take action immediately to get rid of them. and if you have to go to your citys govt website as a resource for help. the citys are terrified of this becoming a major epidemic and will do anything to help it go away.

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