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I live in the first floor of a 2 family unit. Upstairs is an older couple who are my landlords. Nice people and have nothing to do with my bed bug situation. Clean place, lived here for 2 1/2 years. Recently I had noticed I was itchy and small mosquito looking bites, but smaller. I had lived in a boarding house 5 years ago, and had bed bugs before. In that case, building managment took care of it. So, I knew this time right away. I knew this was gonna be a pain! I can't even fathom how I may hav

e gotten them. One day weeks ago I worked on my car out front. With both doors wide open and my room being the first through the door, I am thinking somehow they came in that day. Also, recently had a friend drive up from FL and he spent a night at a motel along the coast or something somewhere. Other than that I must have picked one up somewhere or something. I am currently in the process of cleaning, bombing, etc. I will update when complete.

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