18 Kelvin St
Everett, MA 02149-1828

Found 2 reports:

I am the housing manager of this house(including Apt.1 and Apt.2).

The tenant of Apt.2 of 18 Kelvin St who made above report bought a cheap second hand mattress with residing bedbugs about two years ago and then the mattress was disposed. We told the tenants that they could call a bug treatment company and we would reimburse the expenses (as advised by the city health authorities). The tenant didn't call but used some safe chemicals we provided for precaution(They didn't tell us the mattress

they bought brought the bugs in before and maybe they thought it's no need for further treatments as there were no re-appearance of bugs after removing the mattress). We haven't heard any bug complains by other tenants(renting/rented the same Apt.2) after that reporting tenant moved out eight months ago. We will call the treatment company if we receive any future bug reports onward.

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Bed bug colonies with adult bed bugs with their eggs were seen along the bed seam lines. The bed was purchased as new from liquidated store on craiglist. Bed was put out for trash.

My wife and I moved from mid-west to this house owned by a Chinese. Landlord and his wife lives in the first floor. We were in the attic apartment. Landlord did not provide heat treatment to the apartment after we reported bedbug incident. He provided safe-chemicals, and we used them, but it did not remove the bug

s completely. We ended up playing defensive by placing a carpet tape along the edges of the carpet and wall through-out the attic apartment, and placing each bed-legs in a cup with outer-cup wall covered with double-sided sticky tapes ( hoping if the bugs travel up the bed-legs, they will be stuck to the tape). After that we did not see any bugs on the bed. Maybe the bugs are incubating under the carpet (scary!!) I still strongly believe that house needs a heat treatment entirely, but the landlord is too cheap! Also, he has been renting the rooms illegally. FHA showed up one time. I am worried about Massachussetts from folks who don't care and run after money all the time.

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