138 Summer St
Somerville, MA 02143

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I rented the basement room here and it was dirty when I moved in, but I stayed and cleaned the whole place up because the rent was cheap and I am only to be in Boston for 6 weeks. When I discovered that I was being bitten by bedbugs and now I was carrying them with me wherever I went, I just wanted to cry. It has ruined my entire time in Boston so far and caused me SOOO much suffering, including the stigma and no one wanting you to be near them. I researched online for hours. I did everything I

was supposed to, including drying all of my clothes, throwing away my suitcases and backpack, and spraying rubbing alcohol on everything I couldn't wash. I went as far as to buy a new pair of clothes to wear while I was washing and drying my current clothes, in case they were on the clothes I was wearing. I changed again after I cleaned them. They are still with me. I feel devastated right now because I think I may have infested a friend's place. I am going to call an exterminator now and fork out the big cash so that HOPEFULLY I will be bug free after it.

When I told the owner, he just laughed and said, "Oh, so you met the residents." I am furious that he cares so little and said "I'll come by and clean up a bit." HOW is that going to help??? I got out, but I doubt he'll do anything about it, so BEWARE.

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