395 Somerville Ave
Somerville, MA 02143-3242

Found 3 reports:

This building is bedbug free!

Update on 11/8/10 report:

The third floor tenants weren't cooperating with extermination (locking bedroom doors, etc.) and the landlord couldn't fix the situation. Tenants on second and first floors stopped paying rent and moved out in December.

When I was packing up (first floor), I found one dead bug and one molt.

I was able to move without bringing any bugs with me, but I inspected EVERYTHING and had anything suspect sealed in plastic for six months.

June 2009 infestation of 3rd floor. Extermination complete November 2009.

October 2010: infestation of 3rd floor and 2nd floor. Extermination in progress.

Note: this is the same building as 393 and 391 Somerville Ave.

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