326 Somerville Ave
Somerville, MA 02143-2918

Found 2 reports:

I rented there at one time the land lady is an illegal slum lord.
The city and mayors office do nothing about the crime problems that happen there. They know she operates out of that place. The restaurant has been shut down many times. It share the same address.

time frame: summer 2010 to present (jul 2011).

situation: infestation was present in 2010, but rarely noticed. At present, it is ridiculous with 20 bugs biting you when you wake up in the middle of night.
Asking around the building and the landlord I have gathered the following facts:

a. the landlord threatens to raise rent for having to treat bed bugs, and will charge whatever she can for treatment.

b. same landlord also owns 324 somerville ave, and the house across the parking lot

(30 somerville ave?). which are also rented.

c. It is impossible to effectively treat the dwellings because the building has never been renovated, cracks everywhere.

conclusion: avoid at all costs.

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No nearby bug reports