70 Summer St
Somerville, MA 02143-2707

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bed bug problem again ! landlord being a problem. concerned about money, i am behind on my rent a little, but he is being paid rent along with a little extra to catchup, but in the meantime my family is getting bit daily. land lord never shows up at exterminations also gives bad written notices about bomb dates,exposed wiring in my bathroom shower ceiling and other probllems why is giving me a hard time i did nothing wrong

UPDATE - We spoke to the neighbors directly above us and below. Both confirmed they either have bites, or have seen bugs recently. Pest Control Operator came this morning, confirmed the problem. He spoke to landlord, landlord was more concerned about the money he would be shelling out than eliminating the problem. Landlord only wants to have ONE SIDE of the building bombed, even though it is suggested that the entire building be done. Especially since it\'s obvious the bugs are in the infrastru

cture of the building. Landlord called the PCO a \"salesman\". Leaving immediately.

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APT #2 - left side. Realtor and landlord did not disclose information that the previous tenants moved out from bedbug infestation until THE DAY WE WERE MOVING IN. Landlord assured us they were gone. Six months later (3.26.09)- we find one crawling on our bedsheets. Absolutely disgusting. Now we have nowhere to go.

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