109 Highland Ave
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I lived happily at this building for 18 months until one day in March there was a notice on the door informing us that some units had bedbugs, so the whole building would be treated. I thought, fantastic. The management is being pro-active, so I will be safe.

How very wrong I was.

Our entire building was allegedly treated, but my unit looked barely touched, and my neighbor's place across the hall looked untouched. Seeing as we spent hours and hours preparing for the treatment, this was no

t encouraging.

It is well known that bedbugs typically require a series of treatments for eradication; follow up treatments and inspections are a must. Our building received no follow-up. Also, when only the infested units are treated extensively, the bugs simply scatter to the other units.

Several weeks after that March treatment, I found a bedbug in my living room. In fact, it was biting me. From that moment on, I regularly asked when a follow-up treatment would occur. I was ignored or giving vague answers for TWO MONTHS. In the meantime, I found several more bedbugs. They appeared to be entering around the pipe in my bathroom. I did everything I knew to protect myself: bed on stilts away from the wall, in moats of mineral oil. Baseboards caulked. Clutter minimized. Still, BUGS GOT IN. Why? Because it turns out I am above the unit where the problem began on the first floor. I am on the fourth.

At the beginning of June, I finally threatened to call the board of health. I should've done that a lot sooner, because it worked: an exterminator was hired. However, he informed me that the infestations below me were quite extensive. (By this point, every unit in our column had the bugs.) Even though they are now being treated, I am very upset that the time lapse between treatments allowed the problem to spread up four floors.

Many people in my building do not speak English, and seem to be unaware of the dangers of bringing in used furniture off the sidewalk. I have tried to contact the owners about helping spread bedbug awareness in our building, as well as about preventing unit-to-unit spread by caulking gaps, treating around radiators and pipes, etc. I have received no response thus far, and that is why I feel I have to move. The exterminator told me that he treated some units for bedbugs in this building two years ago, which adds to my fear that it may be a recurring problem. I've seen potential new renters being given tours, and I seriously doubt they are being informed of our building's current bedbug situation.

Sadly, I'm now looking for a new place. The psychological trauma of the past few months has made it unlikely that I'll ever be able to relax in this apartment again. I've already spent a lot of money and thrown out many belongings. It has to stop somewhere.

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