48 Albion St
Somerville, MA 02143-1103

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Found a bedbug in the apartment, in my bed; it had, apparently, been feeding on me for weeks (that explained the red welts and the poor sleeping). The landlords, who live upstairs,(at 46 Albion St) were initially very responsive; however, the exterminator told me that the treatments completed were not enough to eliminate the infestation in their apartment and that they had not done any of the required prep work for the fumigation process. The landlords opted for two rounds of fumigation in my ap

artment and two rounds in their apartment (standard treatment). They did not check or order fumigation for the 3rd floor apartment, and they did not pursue the "heat treatment" option that the exterminator said was necessary in their apartment. After the second round of fumigation, when my apartment was deemed "bed bug free," the exterminator asked me if I was on a lease. The implication was pretty clear: the problem in my apartment was solved for the time being, but would--based on the level of infestation in the building--be back eventually.

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