550 Memorial Dr
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Started getting bitten by bed bugs in MIT housing. Reported the suspicion. Found a bug, killed it and gave it to the housing manager to ID. PCO was called, they treated my room and living room but not my 2 apartment-mates'rooms. My mattress was replaced, I bought a new pillow washed and dried bedding (>120F for 90 min), bagged all my clothes as instructed, started a ritual procedure of washing/drying my belongings yet I still found another bug. The only instructions from PCO was to steam clean m

y suitcases. I did that and bagged them. PCO does not seem to be monitoring but is suppose to return 10 days after first treatment. I am still getting bitten with an average 9-10 bugs a night. I steam clean my bed and bedding every night. I've tried a non-pesticide "Eradicator" spray, I tried spraying alcohol because I read it could help. Despite the hot weather, I try to sleep with 2 shirts, long sleeves, long pants, a hoody but this simply changes the target from begin bitten on my arms to being bitten on my neck and face. I'm not sure what else to do; I am afraid the bugs are multiplying quickly. I am feeling sleep deprived since I wake up multiple times at night and do not know what else I can do to help deal with the bugs.

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