269 Harvard St
Cambridge, MA 02139
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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As Property Manager for this location, the building has been inspected by trained K9 dogs, and the building has received clearance of bed bugs effective September 15, 2010. We were very pro-active about addressing this problem and a mandatory inspection of all units was conducted early this summer as well. - September 22, 2010.

This is a nice building and with nice people. We had a few bad apples but they have moved on. The building is bug free now, thanks to the managements and the unit owners working together. No need to be Anonymous and bad mouth anyone, don't be cheap, that is not what the Registry is for.

The building is bug free. Professionals came in to exterminate and trained dogs verified that this is a bug free building.

The people that brought them in and bad mouthed everyone else are no longer in the building. They have put us through hell while now they are out to infest others. Please do not pick up any furnitures that they have left behind, that is just the way they are,sorry.

Our landlord for our unit with bedbugs was uneducated on the subject and lectured and blamed us. He made our lives a living hell.

Unit #28 of 269 Harvard St was fumigated for bedbugs in July 2010.

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