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In the last week (6/21/11-6/28/11), I have found more than 5 bed bugs crawling on my bed. I have been getting bites since Sept 2010 but since I could not find any bugs and my boyfriend who shares the room with me was not getting bitten, what I read online led me to believe that it was a laundry detergent allergic reaction. However, now that my boyfriend is getting bitten too and we've seen bed bugs, we notified my uncooperative landlord. I had to get the Cambridge Inspectional Services Dept to o

rder an extermination. They recommended a 3-part extermination to completely eliminate the bed bugs but at this stage my landlord only seems willing to do a one-part extermination. That should be taking the place in the next few days and I will be providing an update on whether that solves the problem or not.

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