115 River St
Cambridge, MA 02139-3806
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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I see no way of submitting a new report, so I'll try this.

I'm reporting 215 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington MA

It's a large apt building, about 50 units. Bedbugs have been here for a year or so (have not been able to get accurate info from landlord or Board of Health). Apts are treated as they become infested (whole building is not being treated).
My apt is not infested, but I'm very worried and scared. Other apts on my floor have been infested.

The person who had bedbugs in her apartment sent in this report. She was a tenant who intended to break her lease and later try to sue the landlords for events that did not occur. It is true that bedbugs were found and the landlords treated the whole building three times. No bedbugs were found after the first treatment. All tenants in the buliding cooperated to clean and wash everything that could be affected. The tenant left in May 2008 so she her report of finding bedbugs in July 2008 is impos

sible since there were none and she had left two months earlier.

see full report...

the dirty chic who reported this is the one who brought them..it is all cleard up...wash ur ass...

Bed bugs confirmed as of 07/2008 after 2 exterminator visits. Not known for sure after the 3rd spray, I left.

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