117 Harvard St
Cambridge, MA 02139-2801

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Please, please don't pay attention to the post before this This is obviously put up by the owners. This entire building is crawling with bedbugs and roaches. Any posting saying that the problem has been addressed at all is a LIE. First of all, they don't tell anyone else in the building that a particular apartment has been affected. You typically find out from your neighbor. Second, they only treat one apartment at a time. Now, this building is one of 4 or 5 adjacent units. By treating o

ne apartment at a time, they push the little critters back and forth between the buildings. Yes, fat landlords, these things walk. So, we get whacked this summer. After we do, we get a letter from their "attorney" (full of some pretty odd misspellings) and it says that we can't deduct expenses because there was "no evidence" of a bedbug infestation. Well, boys...I think the evidence was the neighbors reporting to us that there were bugs, the bites on me AND the bug which I took over to the city inspector's office to show them. Sorry, there was evidence. Please don't rent from these people...they don't care about their properties and they don't care about how their inaction and ineptitude affect your life. You WILL be affected and it WILL be a pain in your ass. If you rent at 117 Harvard St. Cambridge, MA 02139 or at 113 Harvard St. Cambridge, MA 02139 or 115 Harvard St. Cambridge, MA 02139 or 119 Harvard St. Cambridge, MA 02139 you will get bedbugs and roaches. Guarantee.

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The entire building has been treated for bedbugs. There are no current known infestations. They were brought over by a previous tenant. However, the problem has been resolved.

The landlords at this address are total SLUMLORDS, I know from experience. We have had 2 infestations in less than two years. They continue to spot-treat the bugs and they NEVER seem to go away. Pure HELL. Never live here, ever.

June 2011: Apartments treated for bedbugs (once plus follow-up 3 weeks later)

Building has been having recurring bedbug problems for the last 4 years at least.

Apartments are only treated on an apartment by apartment basis and so they simply move from one apartment to another. Really the whole building should be done at once.

No nearby bug reports