1412 Commonwealth Ave
Brighton, MA 02135-3701

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I've been here for a few months and have been very disappointed of this unit. I have literally caught (with sticky traps) over 15 mice (ranging in the size of one's thumb to the size of one's fist)... it's getting quite rediculous- i have no other option but to rid all my belongings and move out of this ghettoed ruin of an apt (1600/month one br... r u kidding me?).. there is mice droppigns everywhere! i've found droppings (loads of it) in my couch especially. and even in my bed... really?

yes in my g-damn bed. I've called Alpha Mngt countless times only to be utterly ignored. the one time alpha did arrange an exterminator only proved to be completely ineffective. the exterminator deposited three bags of mice poison pellets in various locations in the apt... this did not do a thing. I had no other option but to take it upon myself and lay out inhumane glue traps.. this works, but im frightened of the notion that there is more than likely over 40 +/- mice still remaining in my apt. if i have already caught 15 mice then there is sure to be at least double, or even triple that still remaining! Im still calling Alpha every other day or so, but still no response.. they simply answer the phone and say: "we'll look into it and try to get someone out there".. it ends at just that- Alpha has proven to be the worst property mgmt comp in all of boston. i've yet to read a positive review aboout them.. I also have bed begs.. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE INTO 1412 COMM AVE- for the sake of your hygiene and peace of mind

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just moved in 10 days ago. payed alpha managemnet 400 dollars to clean the unit so i could move in. as there was loads of stuff from previous tennant. they failed to get all of the stuff out and did not clean the unit as instructed. there are loads of crawling critters everywhere!!!! i have to sleep on the floor until my furniture is delivered. have seen dozens of exotic, multicolored creatures crawling on the floor, next to my bed. i wake up every morning to the site of exotic insects pa

rtying in my shower and next to my camode. this isnt even the worst part. last night i saw two HAIRLESS VARMITS (rats i believe, (size of two fist put together) bolt from under the radiator to under my entertainment center!!!!!! im terrified of rodents. and im sleeping on the floor, for all i know these rodents are sleeping with me. i have called alpha to report the problem, but they havnt seemed to follow up on the matter. i called the exterminator service (that alpha hires) and have yet to hear back from them. now i am thinking of hiring my own pest control service, though i have to pay for it. i have also noticed bites all over my body, probably due to bed bugs. i am very uncomfortable living in this apt, always wondering when these pesky varmits are to attack next. if this problem isnt taken care, i will have no choice but to get the f outa here.

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This building is infested with bedbugs, rodents and crawling bugs. DO NOT MOVE HERE. Alpha Management is indifferent to the problem. Health Department should get involved.

Didn't have a problem until management company (Alpha) ineffectively sprayed the whole building incorrectly and we believe it spread them to our apartment. Had to throw everything out when we moved so we didn't bring them to our new apartment.

Our apartment and at least one more this building have them. We don't know how we got them and an initial visit from the exterminator proved ineffective.

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