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October 2009. 1236 Drexel Ave, apt. 7 Miami Beach, FL. I thought I was getting mosquito bites when I would step outside for a cigarette. My boyfriend noticed a few large red welt-like spots on my back. He had several all over. My boyfriend, roommate and I woke up one morning asking the other (while scratching our elbows and shins) if anyone had some trouble sleeping or maybe felt like they'd been getting bitten. We thought we might have fleas and so we bombed the place with store-bought fogge

rs. If we'd known it was bedbugs we would never have done that because it only forces them to scurry into new hiding places. The bites got much worse.

My roommate had a terrible reaction to them and woke up with cyst-like welts all over her face along with the large red bites she already had up and down her arms.

For some reason - the bugs rarely bite me or at least my body rarely reacts to their bites. If i do get a welt on my skin, it will disappear within a day. Without my roommate and boyfriend being around- I would have gone on thinking that I was being bitten by mosquitos and should buy some more OFF.

A technician has identified the problem as bedbugs and even found and shown to us their hiding spots and eggs in our beds and futon- some even crawling up the wall. The long-distance landlord says they are ticks and that these "ticks" were not here before I moved in.

Who knows what we will do and if it will help. Either way- we've just got to get out of here. There are other problems with the apartment as well - but nothing like this. The stress of it is like a real-live horror movie. It is very likely i'll have to just break the lease- fore-fit 2,400 in deposits/ last months rent and try to clean things myself by laundering clothing with extra time in the dryer, using a blowdrier on my things and praying to god that the little bastards lose interest in following me around. It's already cost a good amount of money

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32 fowler st apt 1 dorchester, ma 02121
this is a 3 beedroom apt and the 1 beedroom is full of thouse bedbugs they are under my lamp table and under the rugs
landlord can do nothing?????

Sept 1 2007, I moved in to 1144 Commonwealth Ave, apt 10, with my roommate. Already in November we found the first signs of bedbugs infestation. We contacted the landlord who gave us a very poor information about how to prepare the apartment for the treatment. We did our best and moved out during that week of treatment. The landlord did not provide any temporary housing or storage space for belongings as well as compensation for eventual costs, even if they are obliged to do so according to Publ

ic Health Department (As you move out from a bedbugs infested apartment, all your belongings including fabrics, cd, books etc, pretty much everything has to be cleaned and washed. And no friend will be nice enough to let you put your belongings that might contain bedbugs eggs in their apartment and risk to get infested themselves). After a week of calling the landlord to follow up the treatment and date for moving back, they told me they didn't know anything about how the treatment went. They said they only called the exterminator to schedule the appointment for treatment of bedbugs, but whether or not they have done anything, they wouldn't know. We went back to the apartment, found a note from the exterminator, that said absolutely nothing on it except that they have been here. So we assumed that they have treated the walls and the furniture and moved back in. 6 month later, we found bed bugs in our apartment again. This time we even saw the bugs crawling on our bed. The feeling of disgust was indescribable. We decided to move out from this apartment for good. And again, no compensation was provided by the landlord. Later on, we noticed that bedbugs infested old mattresses and furniture tossed in the dumpsters were picked up by your own neighbors! And also, at the same time as we moved out from our apartment, our next door neighbor was moving out as well, a month earlier than the contract. And during their move they had their belongings packed in big black trash bags and their old mattresses were in the hallway which later on got tossed in the dumpster together with ours. Clearly, the whole building is infested! The bedbugs that got chased away from one apartment move to the next door and the circle goes on. People that dealt with bedbug infestations don't know what kind of nightmare it is. Just google bedbugs and you will find tons of horrible stories told by people that have experienced this. So my take home message to you is: Don't EVER live in Allston and always be careful when you travel!

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