11 Royce Rd
Boston, MA 02134-4103

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We lived at #39 from 2001 to summer 2003. We got bedbugs from our neighbors. They had a 1 year old baby who was getting eaten alive in her crib every night (she looked like she had chicken pox!). Management group Samia provided an exterminator for us, but Samia was not returning the neighbors calls or acting on their complaints. The family did not speak English. We called Samia and complained for them and requested that their apartment be treated as well. After months of issues with Samia

and repeated exterminations, we called it quits and moved out. On one hand I can't believe that in 2008 (5 years later!) that apartment is still known to be infested! On the other hand, it doesn't surprise me with Samia's lax involvement.

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apt. #8
apt. #39
various other rooms in the building

Stay away from this apartment building. It has a history of bed bug infestation and repeated visits by the exterminator don\'t seem to have curbed the problem much. Apt. #39 was completely infested and repeated sprayings did nothing. Our apartment #8 had signs of bed bugs, we found a dead one, and we preceded to move out immediately.

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