39 Glenville Ave, Apt 10
Allston, MA 02134-3401

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I live here in apartment number 10 on 39 Glenville. Last November (08) The property manager came to me and said the person who lives above me thinks he had/has bed bugs. So the property manager said that they were going to have a bed bug sniffing dog come through my apartment. Eventually after quite a while the property manager got back to me and said that they had found bed bug feces on the couch in my hall, but nothing was ever done since no bugs were found, i'm assuming. Now it is the end of

June 09 and i have found two bed bugs in my home. It is only in my roommates room right now. My boyfriend has been bitten over 50 times. I have killed two adult bed bugs. Tonight i sealed the gap between the floor and the base board in my roommates room. We have a very small apartment and everything else is sealed accept her room for some reason. We thought maybe we had brought the bugs into the apartment from another house, but they could have possibly come from the apartment. I hate this...

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