15 Linden St
Allston, MA 02134-1708

Found 2 reports:

I moved into the apartment in August of 2011 and we started having issues in April/May with bites. The landlord had a terminator come in to "take care of the issue" but took care of zero expenses (laundry, had to throw away matresses). They claimed there was no history of bedbugs prior to our issue, however, this site provides information on numerous reports of bed bugs on the entire street.

To be honest, I would avoid living here at all costs. The location and price is not worth the risk

of getting bed bugs. It is inevitable any tenant will get them at this point. They aren't taking proper action to indefinitely eliminate the infestation; only making it for a short time.

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I lived here a few years ago. The entire block was infested, including this building. Exterminators were always coming in, but the bugs remained. I finally moved out. Landlord was worthless.

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