11 Linden St
Allston, MA 02134-1708

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Are these reports for 11 or 11A linden?

I lived here for two years. Long enough to forget what it felt like to have a pleasent, itchless night. This apartment is insanly infected and i'm quite certain it will never be solved unless the entire building is demolished. Even in that case, they would probably survive on the hundreds of cat-sized rats in the "parking lot" in back until any rebuild. During my and my roomates move out process, we threw away thousands of dollars of bedding, electronics, clothing, and property. They get into ev

erything. For our more valuable and indisposable property, we rented portable moving units, commonly referred to as "pods", and had our stuff heat-treated, which is the most effective form of bed bug extermination. This process also cost $1000+.
Avoid this place at all costs. If you are reading this now, seriously think about moving soon. Its not worth it.

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Lived there for years. Landlord does suck. You're talking about cockroaches, guy.

Do not live on Linden street. This is a bedbug nightmare, almost certain to happen to you if you live here. It should have been a warning sign when I noticed orange cdc stickers all over furniture and on bedbug residue-covered mattresses on the "trash street" that is allston during the 2 weeks surrounding Sept. 1 move in date. These bed-bug residue mattresses surounded the entrance of my door as I tried to move my stuff in that summer. It was scary. I thought I was safe. The bugs crawl b/w walls

, floors, ceilings. You are not safe. Don't bother living here unless you want chronic stress. The landlords here know of it, do not treat properly, and try to cover up the problem to get money from renters who don't have enough money to sue them.

I lived at 11 Linden Street, right next to 7 Linden street. I moved out about 2 weeks ago. We moved out in the middle of the month, the rent already paid for that month, because we saw a bedbug crawling on our bathroom floor. It was the size of my pinky finger-nail, flat, dark brown, and would not be squished with a book. I immediately notified roommates and the landlord. We did not return that night or any other night except to wash and dry all cloth items at a nearby laundromat and move out any remaining possessions that we hope were not infected with eggs or bugs. Days before, we noticed suspect mattress in the hallway. Upon further questinon of residents, we found out the second floor was massively infested with bedbugs for months and residents were getting bites daily and had seen hundreds under their mattresses, and overhearing a conversation b/w the landlord and aforementioned resident, he noted the building had had bedbugs on the first floor apartment, the second, and third at least once per year every year. The problem is endemic to the building and made worse by the landord's failure to exterminate the apartment and all apartments vertically and horizontally to it, as described in Mass housing laws. Also, these bedbug incidents were never reported to the city, as understood by the landlord's response to our obtaining a CDC investigator's inspection, which went as follows upon awareness of this inspection: "...I will make this process as difficult as possible for you." The landlord is aware of the rampant bedbug problems in the buildings but fail to report or notify residents and officials of their past or current presence upon move-in or at any other time. These buildings need to be condemned, and any rational city inspector would order this.

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I flipped over the mattress on 3/7/2011. Bedbugs everywhere. Our landlord is a douche so I doubt he'll do anything, like when the heater broke in the dead of winter (no hot water for almost a week). Or when the fire alarms went off when there was a fire.... whoops... what fire alarms??? Had to get rid of my bed, box spring, etc. AVOID THIS APT.

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