65 Franklin St
Allston, MA 02134-1422

Found 2 reports:

Apartment building treated for bedbugs in 2014, but still getting bitten in Feb2015. Seems they cant get rid of them in this building. They just keep coming back in full force. Apparently there was a treatment done in 2010.

in 2014 the infestation spread from the third floor and infiltrated the second floor the landlord decided to go with chemicals but the chemicals weren't doing anything. They finally decided to heat treat and that reduced the population but clearly they weren't completely


I show no reaction to bedbug bites but I do get itchy. I found one crawling on me one day while i was sitting on my couch and that prompted me to look for more. It turns out there was quite the infestation brewing in my couch.

Beware of this apartment.

see full report...

been bitten for a while, (occasional bite) and officially found one on me, reports from other tennants say they have them as well, apartment building has been treated, but I still found some.

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