53 S Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02130-4704

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I am dealing with a new bed bug scare and found this registry so I wanted to register my old bed bug encounter.

I moved into 53 south Huntington Ave apt 101 on March 2010 and started getting bitten a couple month in around sept/October. It looks like I should have found this registry earlier because another person was affected just like me a couple months before in the apt above me! They even accused me of the being the one that brought them in.

I called the landlord and they sent someon

e to check but without an actual bedbug they wouldn't treat until I caught one in my bathroom and it makes sense because they were probably coming from the apt above me as well. They came in to treat but the PCO that came never told me to bag any of my stuff or do anything else. I was so fed up with the situation and luckily had done my own research I bagged up all my clothes and put them through the dryer and everything else was tossed. I moved out and lived out of a duffle bag with my boyfriend while I told them I wanted to break my lease.

While I was still paying rent and they were trying to find a new tenant they renovated the apt while I was paying for it and we're looking for a replacement tenant with the rent jacked up by 200$. I ended up paying two month rent not living there and was forced to pay $400 to break the lease which I argued down from $800 until I found someone to move in. They walked through the apt telling the person it was bed beg free, which I believed as well but was already ao traumatized I couldn't live there anymore.

I found out a month later that the new tenants had started being bitten by bed bugs too and they moved out as well and when I pass the apt for a couple of months I noticed it was empty so I hope they finally took it seriously.

They were slum lords regardless, that place already had a cockroach problem and I'm not surprised they were trying to cover up other bed bug afflicted apts. The rent was too good to be true anyways.

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I moved into apartment #202 in May, 2010. Within a week I was getting bites. They sprayed twice (with no success). Finally, after 4 months of them ignoring my pleas to fix the problem (and them doubting that I even had them at all by asking me if i was "sure they aren't fleas or lice or something?"), I couldn't take it anymore. They let me break my lease (only after getting bigger and older people to threaten legal issues...) and I moved out. The day before I left, I found one in the carpet. The

next day when i turned in the keys, they were prepping the apt for the next tenant. Horrifying.

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