7 Grant St
Boston, MA 02125-1234

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I moved in here March 2011 only to find out the apartment was INFESTED with bed bugs-found almost a dozen in one day. The landlord treated at least 6 times in the next 2 months & they were still there. Spent once a week at the laundromat cleaning & drying EVERYTHING-ruined many clothes because of the heat of the dryer needed to kill them. I don't think the exterminator treated properly-only once did they treat the entire building which was a major problem. Many people packed in the apts upstairs

& a lot of 'stuff' so it was virtually impossible to treat properly. I loved this apartment but could not handle it anymore & moved out in May. Ended up having to take the landlord to small claims to get my security deposit back because he kept 'forgetting' & was 'so busy'. Horrible situation-beware because the apt looked new & clean so you really can't tell.

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