7 Delle Ave
Roxbury, MA 02120-2912

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DO NOT RENT FROM FRAWLEY-DELLE APARTMENTS! This is a Hallkeen managed property who doesnt fully disclose. I asked if they had any pest problems and they said no. I moved in April 1st and a roach met me in the hall. They didn't respond at all to boric acid and sprays, like their immune! By the end of the month, mice were overrunning the place. By JUne, there were BEDBUGS biting us. Turns out, the place had been vacant for months. Last tenant demanded a replacement unit because the bugs were

so bad! Neighbors told me the bedbugs were coming out the light sockets 2 yrs before! Some of the older tenants refuse pest control services and the others don't complain much because they are scared to lose their subsidies. They let us break the lease in the 4th month. HORRIBLE!!!!!!

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