Westland Ave
Boston, MA 02115

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I live in 73 Westland Ave, a 4-family brownstone that has been slowly decaying for a century. On April 26, 2012, we discovered bed bugs in our unit. On April 27, we contacted our landlord, Vijay Singhal, and the City of Boston. On April 28th, the City verified that there was an infestation and gave him 14 days to solve the problem. We later found out that our neighbors had had bed bugs for 4 months but didn't know what to do, aside from calling our landlord. Mr. Singhal did not even begin t

o schedule an exterminator until May 14, 2012. The exterminator he first hired was not licensed to do the job (we believe he was found on craigslist), so an exterminator did not show up until May 22, 2012, nearly a month after we reported the infestation to him. However, he did not allow the exterminator to do the adjacent units (including the unit below us, which had a worse infestation) until a week later, resulting in the infestation only getting worse. In the month since the exterminator, we have each received about a dozen bites each night and capture or kill half a dozen bugs each night. This infestation is truly a nightmare and Vijay Singhal has done a horrendous job at fixing the problem.

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