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Sept 2010 -

We moved in without even being told that our unit had beg bugs, needless to say, we were horrified and helpless.
We periodically found them for about 3 months, while getting repeated treatments that were intrusive, time consuming and overall disruptive to our lives.. We were happy to go through it all though, in hope of eliminating the bugs, but it simply wasn't working.
After some research we found that Park Property's treatment was not eliminating eggs, only grown bugs... s

o we looked for a solution that could get rid of both. What we found was a steam treatment that killed both eggs and live bugs, and after some pushing, we got the property managers to do it, and we've been clean ever since!! We had 2 random bed bugs recently, but I think it was from neighbors in the building that are not getting the same treatment.. but they steamed us again, and we are good.

ADVICE: get a steam treatment, and launder all fabrics! Be sure that you dry all fabrics until they are thouroughly hot.. the heat kills eggs.

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We moved in September 1st of 2010 and have consitantly had treaments and bed bugs ever since. Just a week ago, July 2011 we found a bed bug in a bed. This has been an ongoing problem, and management is not doing what they should be to treat the situation, so the problem will never go away.

June 2010 - August 2010 (hopefully)

I started getting bites in June and in the beginning I thought it was just mosquito bites. However, as the number of bites increased, I began to suspect it might be the mythical bed bugs. After Google Image search and searching through my sheets, I found about 5 of them. Eventually, I found a lot of them on a corner of my box spring, so I threw that out. I bagged up my mattress and continued to sleep on top of that since we also have a mice problem and was

afraid to sleep too close to the floor. I bought a organic pesticide, which only seemed to repel them a little. The building management came to spray twice. I sprayed rubbing alcohol, which seems to kill them. My roommate also poured bleach over the floor, set off a bug bomb and sprayed bleach cleaner on the walls. Hopefully, that's the end of them.

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june 2, 2009 - still here after multiple treatments, worse than they have ever been, be warned those moving in on september 1, 2009, this building has serious pest issues (mice, roaches(on ground level floors), and bed bugs).

apparently people brought them in during september 1st move in. apartment building has had three treatments (the 3rd being the most intense, full fumigation of building and spraying of everything using the most up to date bedbug killing methods). so far it seems to be working (found a dead bug this morning) and the landlord is taking it seriously. PCO is good and said that if we find anything else alive to call them immediately. not sure how bad other people have it but our finds have been minim

al so far.

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