59 Westland Ave
Boston, MA 02115-4523

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Apt had bed bugs when I moved in , sept 2013. Was treated in January 2014 and they seems to be eradicated. My neighbors also had bedbugs. Not sure if theirs was resolved.

Lived in this building September of 2011-December of 2011, had significant bed bug problems (we were fairly sure they were in the walls as opposed to in any furniture we brought in). Sabet Management took their time in handling the infestation - procrastinating in calling in the exterminator. My roommate got bit an average of ten times a night and we terminated our lease early due to an unfit living environment - but I'm pretty sure someone is living in there now.

Stay away from this building


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Could the person who left the message on 05/03/2011 contact me? According to the management company, our apartment is the first and only one that has the bedbug problem EVER and we should be responsible for this because we keep bringing the bugs in!!!

We had this problem from January 2011, and the exterminator had already come in for 4 times but doesn't work at all. Cracks everywhere in the apartment, the management company came in to fix but you can still see them EVERYWHERE.

It's a night

mare, all I want is to move out and pray for the next resident.

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Had horrible infestation from September through December of 2010. Poor response from building management - spent a fortune on plastic casings and laundry. Allergic reactions to the bites, as well.

I lived here from July 2006-June 2007 and had a terrible bedbug problem. The management company was extremely unhelpful. We had to get rid of all of our furniture when we moved because despite numerous treatments, they always came back.

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