45 Westland Ave
Boston, MA 02115-4523

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We did have bed bugs for five months while living on the second floor of this building. My roommate and I reported the problem on every occasion, and almost every time, building management sent over an exterminator. With each visit of the exterminator, the problem was taken care of...for only 1-2 weeks, then the bedbugs would re-surface. After five months, we decided to call our landlord and address the issue directly. Our landlord dealt with our complaints in a very professional manner. We came

to an agreement that sufficiently pleased all parties involved. Our building manager and our landlord were both very understanding and extremely nice throughout the entire process. It's merely the nature of the beast of bedbugs that makes them difficult to kill off. This is an issue that has become a country-wide epidemic that landlords cannot be expected to resolve on their own. It is a matter that municipalities must take care of using city subsidies. There is absolutely no reason a well-developed and prominent city like Boston should not be able to exterminate this growing problem. LIVING WITH BED BUGS IS A MISERABLE WAY OF LIFE! It has effects beyond those that are just physical. There is a psychological effect that results in a lack of sleep, longer work days, and profound stress and anxiety.

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Major bed bug problems in this building! Acquaintances of mine moved into the building in Sept, having no knowledge of bed bugs or their existence here. Both people have been bitten repeatedly and have notified management repeatedly as well. The owner of the building made it seem as if this was a new issue, but the postings on this site would contradict that. There have recently been a number of treatments to various units in the building, but the folks I know continue to be bitten -- even th

e night right after the "treatments," so I question the effectively of whatever they are doing. The constant bites, the worry of being bitten, and the upheaval caused every time there is a treatment is having a very detrimental effect on their health and mental outlook.... until this building is emptied out and treated completely once and for all, I would avoid living here at all costs...

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I lived in this apartment in the summer of 2006 and we got exterminated 3 times in 3 months... bad bed bug problem.

Many apartments are having to be treated here. My roommate and I have both discovered them in our rooms and are suffering from bites. Professional exterminators have been called in but the entire building needs to be treated.

4/25/2010-present-We have had bed bugs and some of my roommates,especially female,were getting 2 to 4 bites almost every night.I have seen and killed a couple bugs in my room in addition to scattering pestcide.
I think the whole apartment will definetly need to be treated before this is going to be a big issue.

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