46 Westland Ave
Boston, MA 02115-3968

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There is a bedbug infestation at #2 Hawthorne place.

I have bedbugs all over my kids room and my room i had to throw away my mattress and kids mattress as it was infested with bedbugs my address is 40 Cheney Street #9 Dorchester, Mass 02121 please i need the help to check my whole apartment

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGPC47YlBNo - WATCH IT... bed bugs are just ONE of the problems, this place should be condemmed. The landlord needs to learn a lesson... he doesnt care because he takes our money and probably lives in some mansion somewhere, we're just stupid college kids...

PS. 24 Westland Ave., which also has beg bug reports, is owned by the same company.

Basement apartment becoming contaminated! We\'re not overrun yet, but soon, no doubt. Also, rat infestation and cockroaches. Rats, rats, rats, every time I open my door.

I moved in this apartment #4 3 weeks ago and i have a bedbugs investation it is awful. the landlord doesn't care and the exterminator who came didn't clean the place perfectly. I have so much bedbugs bites !!!
Help me please

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