104 Hemenway St
Boston, MA 02115-3821

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As soon as bed bugs were reported the unit as well as the adjacent units were promptly treated and bed bugs were eradicated. It is the tenant's responsibility to make all preparations including buying a mattress cover, washing all clothes and taking other precautions to ensure bed bugs are not spread in the future.

Apt 8. Awful management. They did not properly treat the infestation, which was there before we moved in, and we ended up having to move. Total assholes on the phone... never rent from Bobson.

We lived in apartment #10 from 9/1/2004 to 8/31/2007. From October 2004 to February 2005 the entire building was affected by bedbugs. During that time, the landlord sent their superintendent over with bug spray three times, but he failed to solve the problem. After much back and forth, we finally convinced the landlord to hire Exterminadora Mejia, who'd successfully debugged a friend's apartment on Haviland St. That finally did the trick, and our next 2-1/2 years were bedbug free.
However, I'm

not optimistic that they contracted the exterminators for any apartment but ours, so I'd be wary of moving into any apartment other than 10, and also wary of the bugs migrating back into 10 from the neighboring apartments.

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