165 Hemenway St
Boston, MA 02115-3701

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I got bed bugs living in this building. It has been the most stressful and trying time of my life. If you have a chance NEVER, EVER, EVER LIVE HERE. The building is a piece of crap and it is not worth dealing with bedbugs so STAY AWAY.

The management company also blows and has done absolutely nothing to help me. I had to actually go out and pay myself because they weren't helping even though they are MANDATED BY LAW! This building should be condemned.

Alpha Management is entirely to blame for the fact that this is a continuous problem. Within the time we lived here we have been "treated" for bed bugs three times. Upon moving out we found more bugs. The exterminator they use does not answer his phone and rarely returns your calls in a timely fashion, if at all. The problem is clearly that the entire building is infested, meaning no matter how many times you treat a single unit they will always come back. You would think that a Landlord would

want to prevent the need to repeatedly pay to treat an apartment, by treating the entire building, but with Alpha Management this is not the case. It does not matter how many or what types of bed bug covers you use, or double-sided tape on bed legs, or how clean you are, because there will ALWAYS be an infestation in this building. It is unnerving that there is nothing as a tenant you can do about this. Even calling inspectional services is useless, because once cited to treat an apartment, it does not matter if they actually fix the problem for the long run. It is despicable that the city of Boston allows this to occur.


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The apartment seems to be infested with the bed bugs and badly infested. I am able to sight almost 20 to 25 bed bugs every night and kill them by flushing them out. My first experience with the bed bugs and I am not liking it.

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