2 Hawthorne Pl
Boston, MA 02114-2339

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My unit was involved with bugs, the management co was very hasty to send an exterminator. The trustees and the property manager asked me almost daily if everything was okay. The property admin
managed this situation very agressivly did not let up and the problem is now a "dead issue"
the other post on this site are realy abit unfair
and it should be noted that None of them mention that there has been a great deal of effort and concern to arrest this matter from further infestation. People nee

d to learn how to live in
a building with about 250 units and be mindful that bedbugs are a Big issue in the USA..
I wish top thank the property admin for all thier
effort and concerns. If u ligve at this site and are having ANY propblems..

see full report...

Summer 2011

Severe infestation in this building. All floors and laundry. Get me out of here!!!!

I have been bitten up from the bugs on the 8th floor for several months now. The management company refuses to help. Is there anything I can do?

Yes its true. The entire 8th and 9th floors are heavily infested.

There is a huge bed bug infestation in this building near the mass general hospital. Management us covering it up!!

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