Albion St
Wakefield, MA 01880

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My name is Linda and I live on the second floor,its the first apartment and then there's one above me and then an attic one.It all started about a month ago around June 28th 2010.
( noticed I had them on July 12 2010)
I was noticing bites around my ankles every few days, and my sons left arm was loaded with bites.At first I thought I had miskito bites and my sons arm was from his severe Ezmsa, then one day I was bending over to pick something up off the floor in front of my couch and notice fo

ur adults and new right away it was bedbugs,so I bomb the place and them through my living room.Didnt find any in the bedrooms, cause me and my son have been sleeping on the couches for two months were the AC is,but through out the beds also.The thing that gets me is the board of health new about this and said nothing.Section had receive many phone calls about the problem, then I found out my hole street was infected, also the Wakefield News knew about it also and didnt even put it in the paper for the public to take care of not getting them.

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