1507 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70130-4723

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While working at St. Vincent's Guest House, my wife and I encountered bedbugs three times personally. She was bitten twice on her leg and torso, while i had one take up residence on my forehead.
During the week and a half we worked there, we encountered guests complaining of them on a daily basis. One guest even brought one down to the front desk as evidence of the infestation. This was on March 11, 2012.
My wife's first bite was on March 5, while changing linen, Her second was March 1

2, and mine was march 11.
It is common practice to remake beds with used linen on up to three different guests. Even clean linens are sometimes piled on the floor to be folded. DO NOT DO BUSINESS HERE! You will regret having stayed here in more ways than one, especially if you don't like either cockroaches or smaller German/French roaches. In addition, there are rats, silverfish, mice, slugs and leaches.
On a safety related note, windows don't open and fire exits and access to the fire escape are chained constantly until the fire marshal comes to inspect. Otherwise, prepare to burn alive.

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