100 Riverboat Row
Newport, KY 41071-1078

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As a former tenant in building E I can tell you. I was worried about these nasty things due having to start over from losing everything in a divorce. So new beds new couch etc because it was tax time so therefore everything was knew. Needless to say, I asked about bugs in general bed bugs, roaches etc. Because of my fear of bugs I don't even like lighting bugs. Anyways, they lied straight to my face and when I started finding not only bed bugs and roaches. I flipped. The maintenance and the mana

gement of course said it was my fault. At that time I was working 120 plus hours in a place that got randomly check for bedbugs. I am a home body unless going to the zoo. Of course cheap crap which I think I really think it was bait to keep them. Because I spent money to get rid of them and washed everything vacuum and steam clean my carpets on a regular basis. But I swear the moment they come spray there crap here would come back the bedbugs as well the roaches. Yeah worst by far apartments I have ever lived in. Oh yeah so bad that you could see them crawling in the halls.

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I moved into B building of this complex having just graduated from college. I was living in the area for the first time, following a new job. Everything i had was brand new, as this was my first place on my own. I started noticing bugs about 2 weeks after my move, having no idea what they were until my boyfriend made a guess at identifying them. After many google searches, it was confirmed. Management did nothing at first but attempt to blame me, claiming they had never had any issues with this

particular bug. All managemnet did was send the on site maintenance man to spray a generic bug spray which did not work. I spent hundreds of dollars of my own money and many, many hours trying to take care of the problem, having little success. They refused to bring a real exterminator in. They also stopped returning any phone calls or e-mails I had made trying to ask for help. I have since moved, after just over two months at this complex and have done everything I possibly could to be sure the problem did not come with me. All I can do is say a prayer every night.
If you are in this complex, all I can say is get out as soon as you can unless you plan to live with the problem. Management will not help you, and the generic treatments do not work. They WILL NOT bring a real exterminator to the premises.

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Bedbugs recently discovered in our apartment (B building). Reported to management and they confirmed having had to treat an apartment adjacent to ours just last week. At least they're acting on it, although I have only ever seen an exterminator in this buildling twice in the past year...definitely not the recommended once-a-month that places of business use.

I am a resident of this apartment complex. Before I moved here I had no bed bugs. I know this because I lost my brand new house to foreclosure and had all new furniture in it. And when I moved I'm sure I would have seen signs of them. About to months after moving here the problem began. Worst of all the management knew of the problem and didnt even alert me and my family. I wish to leave my identity out of this for fear of reprisal. From my knowlegde buildings B and E are the worst infected.

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