1212 Far Hills Dr
Park Hills, KY 41011-3808

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I myself have lived in 1212 Farhills Dr and this is so true,the landlord sends someone to spray one month and then doesnt come for like three months at a time, i have had to throw away an heirloom baby bed, have bought mattress encasements, and have spent over 250 dollars on items and sprays, not only will in not help but i think its a waste of time as others in the building are not complying to do the same, i have three kids and when i moved in in December of 09 they never released the informat

ion, and i myself have had to throw out furniture and including some of my kids items, what i dont understand is how the landlord knows and does nothing to try and correct this problem, we are left fensless in this and cannot do more than what i have done, i hope that people who read this understand that no mattter what this problem is everywhere, but in this building there is no eradicating them. As the bed bugs are worse enough problem things that go wrong in the building are also something of a spectacle. Thanks for reading!!!! I speak first hand.

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I went to visit a friend and saw a bedbug crawling up the wall. He had told me that the entire building has them, and although a few people in the building have tried without success to get rid of them, others in the building simply don't care about sharing their apartment with the creatures or any other bugs for that matter. Although bedbug infestations can occur anywhere, keeping a tidy home and taking necessary steps to help rid the bugs are essential. Yet, very few people care enough to go a

nd buy the mattress covers, treatments, or simply try and vaccuum their homes everyday, all of course are essential to getting rid of bed bugs. What is even worse is the kids and adults alike in the apartment have very noticeable bedbug bites and that alone should be worry enough to do something, but it simply is not. The landlord also refuses to try and correct the situation.

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