1038 Amsterdam Rd
Park Hills, KY 41011-2032

Found 2 reports:

There are no bedbugs at 1038 Amsterdam Rd. This false report was made by a disgruntled person who was not paying their rent or taking responsibility for their own issues including housekeeping.

myself & 3 neighbors apartments were infested. we alerted the rental company & they sent an exterminator to spray once. We did everything we were told & still had them, they only treated our apt. We called several times & got half assed services every time. Finally had to throw everything out & move before we got rid of them. If you don't treat your entire house you're fighting a losing battle,this includes your neighbors if in an apt. To this day we are very careful of what comes in our house.

If in doubt it gets sprayed or goes in the dryer.Just wanted to post this warning about THE WOODS TOWNHOMES & APARTMENTS in Park Hills, KY

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