723 Bakewell St
Covington, KY 41011-1227

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In reference to the report made on 8/20/2010 for Bakewell Commons being infested with bed bugs.

Bakewell Mangement disagrees with the statements made in reference to handling bed bugs.

Yes, management had the buildings treated in May 2010 for bed bugs. The reason for this treatment was that a new tenant moved in the building and within a day they reported bedbugs.After inspecting the furniture and discussing the issue- tenants had items in storage and disclosed they had a bed bug problem

in the past. We agreed to let them out of the lease- if they moved out of the building.

Management continues to educate and discuss openly the issue of bed bugs with tenants and provides any assistance needed. (Including the costs of treating the apartments for bed bugs)

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Every building at Bakewell Commons apartments is infested with bed bugs. Management continuously let people move in without informing them of the problem, while existing tenants resorted to treating the bugs themselves with no help or reimbursement. No transparency or tenant education from management. Finally, after many complaints, maintenance sprayed once a week in May 2010 for three weeks with some sort of "multi-use" spray as a "preventive measure." Tenants continue to deal with bed bugs and

break their leases.

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