1800 Dalton Ct
Lexington, KY 40505-2414

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Feb 2,2009 1800 dalton court apt 5 i spotted some bugs crawling i thought they were roaches so i caught some in a medicine bottle and asked a neighbor they said they bed bugs so i mention it to the landlord and he said he would take care of it.. he sprayed maybe 4 times in a 7 month period my kids were bitten so bad from the bed bugs they thught they had chicken pots... they had to stay home 1 week cause they couldn't pay attention in class cause they were scrathchin so much child service were

called cause there was so many bites.. i moved from them apartments Jan 5,2010 as of today i don't have bed bugs but the one landlord all of his apartments and duplexs have bed bugs the same address 1800 dalton court they are 6 apartments there and all of them have bed bugs u ride buy there and u see things thrown out in the street with bed bugs sprayed on the items...

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